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1.This Build is customized for Barbarian.
2.This dress-up and build will help you easily clear level 105 Greater Rift.
3.This set includes:
Helm: Immortal King's Triumph(Ancient Legendary)
Shoulder: Raekor's Burden(Ancient Legendary)
Torso: Immortal King's Eternal Reign(Ancient Legendary)
Wrist: Ancient Parthan Defenders(Ancient Legendary)
Hand: Raekor's Wraps(Ancient Legendary)
Waist: Immortal King's Tribal Binding(Ancient Legendary)
Leg: Immortal King's Stature(Ancient Legendary)
Feet: Raekor's Striders(Ancient Legendary)
Amulet: Hellfire Amulet(Ancient Legendary)
Ring 1: Convention of Elements(Ancient Legendary)
Ring 2: Band of Might(Ancient Legendary)
Weapon: Immortal King's Boulder Breaker(Ancient Legendary)

4.Use Kanai's Cube to Extract Legendary Power:
Vile Ward
Ring of Royal Grandeur

5.Legendary Gems:
Wreath of Lightning
Bane of the Stricken
Bane of the Trapped

6.You will get all the legendary drops during the order, and free paragon leveling.
7.ETA: 2-3 Weeks.
8.You need to provide your account.


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