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Details of Demon Hunter Sentry You Can't Miss

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Sentry is the signature charge-based skill of the build; since each Sentry in the field translates into more damage dealt by your own spenders, this mandates the use of both Custom Engineering as a passive and Bombardier's Rucksack as a quiver. To synergize with Cull the Weak passive and Bane of the Trappedlegendary gem, as well as to provide additional safety in Greater Rifts, we will be using the cold rune Polar Station. Try to drop one of the turrets directly on top of the enemy, and spread the other two of the initial charges to the best of your ability to cover the battlefield in the chilling effect. If the fight is prolonged, continue the strategy with your Bombardier's Rucksack charges, but always strive to have one turret on top of the biggest threat. Note that in Torment 10 your clear speed will increase to a point where proccing Cull the Weak through Polar Station is too slow in practice, so you can safely switch to Spitfire Turret for a slight increase of burst.

As dictated by the 4-piece bonus of Marauders, turrets will only fire spenders when you do — cutting down the number of spenders you can afford on your skill bar while still managing your Hatred. For Greater Rift purposes Cluster Arrow shines among the competition in the DPS race, and offers two viable rune choices: the physicalShooting Stars excels at bursting single targets down and is generally preferred, but you can also use the cold Maelstrom for its healing side effect. Note that if you run Marauder in Torments, you can swap into Multishot Arsenal (like in the demonstration) for a fire-and-forget solution during speedfarming. Finally, remember that the rest of the guide assumes you take Shooting Stars, so adjust elemental damage rolls to Cold if you plan on using Maelstrom, or Fire if you speedrun with Multishot Arsenal.

With its troublesome cost of 40 hatred per shot, Cluster Arrow is an expensive beast to maintain. Two resource-related skills are incorporated into the build to aid in the struggles of Hatred management. First up, we have Vengeance. Marauder Demon Hunters achieve permanent uptime of this skill through a cubed Dawn and a modest amount of Cooldown Reduction. This potent 40% damage buff will also increase Hatred regeneration to 10 per second from the Seethe rune, and depending on your Cube choices for the armor slot can reduce incoming damage in half via Visage of Gunes.

The second option is to pop the active effect of the Companion skill, which triggers the Hatred restoration of the Bat Companion. Keep in mind however, that the Marauder set puts all the companions at your side for the small price of the skill slot. The active pop also nets you the Spider Companion slow, the  Boar Companion taunt, the Ferret Companion health globe grab and the Wolf Companion 30% multiplicative damage increase. Thus, treat your  Companion activation not only as a source of 50 Hatred, but also a damage and safety spike.

While the protection of the Boar Companion taunt is nice, it is also temporary. Occupying the enemy for merely five seconds, and only those in a 20-yard radius around you, it will not be enough to keep you in one piece. For emergency situations, you will be taking a repositioning tool in the form of Vault — a cheap and reliable displacement skill that can take you great distances cheaply with the Tumble rune.

Finally, a generator also works its way into the build — one of the strongest primaries for Hatred restoration, Evasive Fire Focus. Doing away with the annoying backflip of other Evasive Fire runes and operating with a conveniently wide ark, it will efficiently and unobtrusively fulfill its duty as a proc for Focus and Restraint.

This concludes the overview of the Active Skills, now let us look through the Passives. Custom Engineering is the dream passive of the Marauder playstyle, doubling the duration of your Sentries and increasing their maximum number and initial charges to three. While their numbers will swell even further with the Bombardier's Rucksack, the ability to skyrocket your damage at the start of every major battle is too good to pass up.

Building our damage around the rocket onslaught of the Shooting Stars rune, it is only natural to pick up the synergy of the Ballistics passive. Doubling the effectiveness of the rockets splitting off Cluster Arrow, and even giving you a free homing rocket every few attacks, this passive is a sizable multiplicative boost. Note that this passive will synergize in a Torment variation as well, considering the rocket-oriented Multishot Arsenal.

Steady Aim completes the offensive trio of passives, boosting your damage with a 20% multiplicative increase (a change as of Patch 2.4.1) as long as you maintain the generously low requirement of 10 yards between yourself and the enemy.

You have a decision making point for your final passive slot. As arguably the safest of the Demon Hunter sets, Marauder can get away with using a fourth offensive passive in the form of Cull the Weak, amplifying your damage against Slowed or Chilled enemies by 20%. This potent multiplicative passive gets triggered by the Sentry Polar Station and the Spider Companion, so make sure to always have one turret covering the enemy in its Chill radius. If you prefer having a cheat death at your disposal, Awareness is a free life on a decent 60 second cooldown, coupled with a brief window of safety and life regeneration when triggered.

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