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Jay Wilson Talked About The Early Design of Diablo III With Fans

All the diablo 3 players must know Jay Wilson who is the former game director of Diablo 3. Recently, he chatted with his fans about the early design of Diablo III on Twitter. He also talked about how it changed over time. Checking more details in the following contents. BTW, diablo 3 items is also available here.

The die-hard players of the early Diablo games were critical about many of the design decisions such as the art style and the direction the game took. Wilson says they were “worried about stagnation” so they built ” what felt like, to us, a unique sequel.” Wilson also commented on the recent criticism over the BlizzCon Necromancer announcement adding, “Name another game company that adds a new class and remakes an entire game inside their existing game...for free.”

What is interesting is that Diablo 3 was originally more like what Jay described as “Diablo 2.5” but says they “weren't excited by it. It wasn't worth releasing.” When Blizzard North was disbanded, development moved to Blizzard Irvine and all Blizzard North's work on a third game was scrapped.

Fans have blamed Blizzard's upper management for many of the game's design decisions but Jay denies there was any pressure, “there was no upper management pressure. Blizzard was the most creative freedom I had in my game career.”

Wilson concluded his Twitter session by taking aim at various conspiracy theories that had cropped up, like one fan's suggestion that D3 was held back for fear of cannibalising WoW players, or that Activision and EA are solely interested in money rather than game quality.

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