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Why Doesn't Blizzard Entertainment Announce Diablo 4 Release Date

Even many players wonder to know news about Diablo 4, Blizzard Entertainment haven't given any official announcement till now. Maybe they want to concentrate on Diablo 3, which is almost apparent that all the continuities thereafter will still be hits.

There are plans of adding some contents in the game. And the company wants to give the remake a new feel. The current version of Diablo 3 Rise of the Necromancer DLC reaches players next year. In addition, there are many exciting features in the said game. On the other hand, Fans should wait for the brand new content when it arrives. In addition, Diablo 3 maintains its strong hold. The market still has scope for the game. And this has given the company a valid point. They do not wish to work on another big budget project. Blizzard is unable to decide over a possible sequel since fans love this game.

Some reports said "Diablo 4" may not come anytime soon as Blizzard Entertainment is directing their focus on perhaps one of the most exciting downloadable contents to date for "Diablo 3." This, is of course, the recently announced "Rise of the Necromancer" which aims to bring the classic titular character once again. More than that, the company also divulged the arrival of the decade-old "Diablo" game within the third title, which many seem to have loved the idea of.

This was further supported by the idea that "Diablo 3" is quite the popular entry up to this day, even with the likes of "Overwatch," "DOTA 2" and "World of Warcraft" still up in the air. BlizzCon was also not too informative on anything in relation to "Diablo 4," but instead announced the "Corpse Explosion" ability for the Necromancer as well as some special weapons and items. Lastly, with the interval between "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3" being as extensive, it is almost presumable that the same will work for the fourth title respectively.

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