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How To Powerlevel Your Necromancer in Diablo 3

Hi, guys! Do you want to powerlevel your necromancer Diablo 3? Here we will share with you some suggestions to help you out. You should jump right into Adventure Mode and start powerleveling. D3itemsale.com as your best diablo 3 sale seller, will share a gamer’s successful experience of process for getting Necromancer to max level in just a few hours. Just read on!

First, you should start with your Paragon points. Sink all those into the various stats you can in order to player higher difficulties which will get you much more XP at baseline. Necromancer benefits a lot from resource cost reduction and actually area damage, surprisingly. Sinking any into health regen or life on hit means you will probably never even come close to dying at lower levels.

Second, you can start running Nephilim Rifts. They are densely packed with enemies for lots of XP, and you get a hefty XP bonus at the end for completing them. They are also full of XP shrines and pools. Since they change each time, they will be less monotonous that X area grinds.

Third, you are able to get a helmet with a socket. Once you do, put the highest level ruby in it you have. I had a royal ruby lying around which gives me 41% bonus XP, but even a common imperial ruby will still be giving you 35% XP. This is incredibly important for saving hours of grinding time. You can switch helmets as you level up and find better ones, but do not forget about the socket and the gem.

Fourth, you should pick your Kanai’s Cube bonuses. The most important one by far is Leoric’s Crown, which will give you a double bonus for that XP gem you just put in, so that’s 70-80% bonus XP. If you don’t have Leoric’s Crown you can get one the first time you kill Leoric with any new character. For my other picks I just did The Furnace for extra elite damage (useful for rift bosses especially) and Countess Julia’s Cameo for jewelry because getting trapped in an arcane death maze is probably the only thing that might kill you at this point.

Fifth, you can pick the difficulty you’re most comfortable with. I did Expert for a while before moving up to Master. Don’t go too high or you’ll be inefficiently running rifts for less XP than you might be able to grab at a lower difficulty.

Sixth, you will level up quickly, so after each rift, check out your new skills and try them out in a sort of Necromancer express mode. There will be plenty of time to learn all their nuances later. The best skills at low levels for fast clearing at either corpse explosion or corpse lance with a golem/skeleton army to back you up.

These above are all our today’s news guide, hope it is useful for you. In addition, don’t forget to buy d3 items from d3itemsale.com enjoying cheaper price and fast delivery!

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