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How To Choose Best skills in Diablo III?

Dear Diablo III players, are you owning a strong equipment? If so, how can you do it? If not, do you want to make your equipment stronger to beat your enemies easily? Now d3itemsale.com, one of the best diablo 3 Item sellers, will show some tip for choosing best skills to complement your equipment (or gear to complement your skills).

Of course, maybe you find yourself faced with a fundamental choice: should you use a two-handed weapon, a weapon and off-hand item, or (if you’re a Barbarian, Monk, or Demon Hunter) wield two weapons? The answer comes down to your preferred play style and build. Just pay close attention to this followings:

1. Wielding two weapons provides a flat +15% bonus to your attack speed. This bonus increases your damage per second.

2.When you’re wielding two weapons, you alternate the weapon you swing with. Your damage is based off of the weapon you hit your foe with, NOT a combination of both weapons. Your base damage while dual-wielding will tend to be lower than a comparable two-handed weapon for this reason.

3. Equipping two weapons means that you can receive bonuses from both items (for example, +20 Strength and +22 Strength from a pair of swords, for a total of +42 Strength). You’ll often receive more statistical bonuses (and have more space to socket gems) while dual-wielding.

4. Dual weapons generally have faster attack speeds, which can afford you quicker resource generation than two-handed weapons.

5. Two-handed weapons have higher damage values per hit than comparable one-handed weapons. Skills with significant weapon damage values (like 200% weapon damage) will hit (and critical hit) for high damage, allowing you to down enemies with a great deal of Life in fewer swings than comparable one-handed weapons.

Generally, dual-wielding aids fast attacks, resource generation, abilities that have a chance to trigger on hit, attribute bonuses, and gem socketing. Two-handed weapons empower high weapon damage attacks, critical hits and area of effect attacks.

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