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Diablo III: Best Necromancer Guide for Beginners

The Rise of the Necromancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and Windows PC, which brings many new skills, runes and items. Do you want to make your game faster? Here d3itemsale.com as one of the most professional diablo 3 items selling websites, would like to share some tips to help you master the Necromancer.

1. Test out all skill
It is crucial that establish your play style for a given class to reaching greater heights in Diablo 3. When you are trying out the Necromancer or test the new class, play through the campaign. This will be a slower leveling experience than grinding out Nephalem Rifts, but it will give you a great chance to test out different builds. As you level up, you will gain more skills. Every time you get a new ability or rune, pop them onto your bar and see how it feels.

2. Kill more enemies, leave more corpses
Necromancers have a unique currency. When your enemies die, they leave behind corpses, and you can manipulate these vacated husks with your magic, transforming them into deadly weapons to destroy the still-living hordes. The more enemies you kill, the more corpses they leave behind. The process is cyclical.

3. Make use of the Bone Spike’s sudden impact rune
In The Rise of the Necromancer, the first skill you will learn is Bone Spike. After leveling up, Sudden Impact will become available for you to use. This rune that augments Bone Spike to stun enemies for one full second. Guaranteed crowd control is very powerful in Diablo 3: The Rise of the Necromancer. Every moment that your enemies are stunned is a moment when they aren’t trying to kill you. Use this early and often.

4. Don’t waste your essence
Essence, a blue substance generated when you hit enemies with primary skills, is the main resource in The Rise of the Necromancer. There is precious little of it to go around, and you’ll spend it to use many of your powerful skills. To waste it would be a terrible thing, so make sure that your pool of Essence is low before casting a primary skill.

5. The Frailty Curse has the highest damage
The Frailty Curse will instantly kill any enemy below 15 percent health. The effect lasts for 30 seconds, can curse multiple enemies at once and only costs 10 Essence per use. This ability is extremely powerful and cheap to use. Forcing any enemy to die at 15 percent health means that Frailty Curse has the potential to do some of the highest damage in the game. Essentially, you are able to reduce any enemies’ base health by 15 percent, which is nothing short of overpowered.

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