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How To Use and Train Your Followers in Diablo III?

As all Diablo III players know, when you join in battle, there are three followers you can choose. They have a number of unique abilities, like slowing and weakening your enemies or healing you. Well, d3itemsale.com will show some tips of how to use and train the three followers. Of course, you can buy diablo 3 items cheap from us to enhance your game.

When you are in the game, you will be joined by three followers: Templar, Scoundrel, Enchantress. Every follower has its own skills, so you should use and train your follower well to defeat your enemies. Now you can check out as below.

Using Your Followers

When you choose a follower, he will fight for you automatically. Well, you can choose skills for him that affect their behavior in combat. For example, if you choose the Charge skill for the Templar, he’ll begin fights by rushing at enemies with a stunning attack; the Heal skill means he will restore your Life during the course of a battle.

Followers who aren’t currently traveling with you remain in your camp. To recruit a follower to join you (this will replace your existing follower if you have one), walk to their location, interact with them, and select ‘Hire’. You can also interact with your followers to talk with them and learn about their history or ask for their advice on your current quests.

Training Your Followers

Your Followers will gain experience and unlock new skills when you grow more powerful. You can also gird them with improved equipment, though they can only equip accessories or appropriate hand slot items and weapons.

Want to upgrade your followers? Please access their inventory page.

1. PC: Hit the “F” key or by click on their portrait in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Console: open the character menu (Xbox 360 and Xbox One: BACK; PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4: SELECT), and navigate to the party menu.

Then you’ll see a list of two available skills (two per category). Before choosing the one you want, you can highlight any skill to learn about it and retrain your followers’ skills here as well. This window will also allow you to adjust their equipment, swapping it out for anything in your inventory that they can use. To equip your follower, click on the item you’d like them to wield, and drag it to the appropriate slot in their inventory.

In a word, choose the follower and skills that best complement your play style. If you like to fight on the front lines and soak up damage, pick a follower that will heal you or delay your enemies’ attacks. If you need extra killing power, load your followers up with skills that allow them to deal damage over time or attack multiple targets.

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