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Diablo III: Blizzard Releases Patch 2.6.1 PTR Patch Notes

According to the Diablo III official website, Blizzard Entertainment releases the latest patch notes for patch 2.6.1 PTR. D3itemsale.com would like to share the latest news for you. Also, you can buy Diablo 3 Item from us enjoying cheaper price and safe service. Just read on our post to get more details.

Firstly, you should purchase the Necromancer in the live game in order to test Necromancer changes. The ability to purchase the class on the PTR has been disabled. There are three table of contents including classes, items and adventure mode. Here we will list the main information as below:

Barbarian Skills - Battle Rage
Crusader Skills - Blessed Hammer
Necromancer Skills - Command Skeletons, Devour, Simulacrum, Skeletal Mage, Bone Armor, Army of the Dead
Necromancer Passives - Fueled By Death: The movement speed bonus from this passive can now exceed the 25% cap
Witch Doctor Skills - Soul Harvest: Adding a stack or refreshing Soul Harvest now refreshes all stacks of Soul Harvest.
Bug Fixes

General: Many Legendary and Set items have had their drop chance increased
Legendary Items: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Wizard
Set Items : Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Wizard
Other Items: Shields acquired by Necromancer players can now properly roll the +Max Essence affix
Bug Fixes

Reduced the number of deadends when Rifts choose the Temple of the Firstborn tileset.
Increased the amount of experience and Rift progress granted by the Hematic Disciple.
Reduced the fog effect in the Shrouded Moors tilesets in Rifts and Greater Rifts.
Shield Pylons no longer reflects damage back to attackers.
Note: Reflecting damage back to attackers caused performance issues when encountering high density.

D’jank Miem: Players can exchange Blood Shards with this vendor for bags containing Legendary items

Of course, these are not full information, you can check out from the official website. Anyway, you can purchase diablo 3 items here at the most reasonable price and instant delivery. We guarantee 100% handwork and safe. D3itemsale never lets you down.

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