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Blizzard Releases Their Patch 2.6.1 Balance Goals

According to the official website, Blizzard has answered the question from many of you about “What are the goals of this PTR/patch?” today. Do you want to get more information about this fantastic game? D3itemsale is your best site to offer you latest game news, of course, you can also buy diablo 3 items from us enjoying the most reasonable price. Here let’s get the details.

What are the main goals for this patch?

Blizzard showed two main goals for this patch. First, they wanted each class to have multiple builds with different styles that can play in similar difficulties. They know that there is a lot of variety in the end-game experience and they want as many players as possible to reach similar goals regardless of their preferred class set or play style.

Secondly, the developers want to smooth out the overall endgame experience. That is to say, it makes sure each build plays well in high density situations and group play. The designer will do his effort to make some of changes in this patch specifically to achieve this goal.

How to achieve the goal?

Some changes should be more immediately apparent than others. A lot of older fan favorites, like Whirlwind, Frozen Orb, or Exploding Palm were ideal candidates for changes. These were long-requested builds that felt like obvious targets for buffs.

While they may not have raised every build in the game to the top bar, they think that’s okay; some builds can just be fun and own their place in lower difficulties as stepping stones or for farming. Those types of builds are important too, and not all builds can fulfill every role.

They’ve also been keeping their ear close to the ground, visiting different class forums, watching videos and streams, analyzing their own internal data, and running playtests to identify places where further tweaks make sense. This is an ongoing process. Between their efforts and the feedback received from players or through the community team, there’s always something new for them to look at, discuss, and try out if they feel it’s a healthy direction for the game.

Lastly, they iterate and repeat. Game development requires trial and error, experimentation, and reworks. Sometimes, these experiments don’t make it to the PTR because we’ve identified a problematic issue that makes a change non-viable.

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